We, as Ozen Konveyor, are an engineering company operating in Kahramanmaraş since 1949. With the 1st generation which is the founder, our company produced various machines and machinery-parts, including textile and food, until the 1975s.

With the increasing need for energy on a global basis in the early 1975's, mechanical engineer Faik Oğulmuş, 2nd generation, saw the need for transport systems in thermal power plants and mines in Turkey and directed and routed the production of the company to the mining sector. With this direction and routing, Özen Konveyör  focused on the production of machine equipment for conveyor transportation systems used in the mining sector and solid waste transportation industry. In this way, Özen Konveyör has been continuing its activities as the first and only producer of the region.

Since 2006, Özen Conveyor, with the 3rd Generation Mechanical Engineer  Erhan Oğulmuş:

* Using advanced technology                          

* Producing engineering projects

* Standard mass production                           

* Working Customer-oriented

* Working flexible and project-based according to the customer’s needs

has become a nationally and internationally preferred company.

Özen Konveyör has created the following advantages for its customers with its state-of-the-art automated machines by strictly following all developments related to the sector.

* Delivery on time                                                  

* Quality workmanship and error-free production

* Use of advanced technology                         

* Loyalty to the terms of the agreement

* Price advantage                                                   

* Experienced engineer staff

* Strong equity capital structure                      

* Project-based and flexible production

* Continuously developing and renewed product range

* Focus on the needs of mine, solid waste and bulk product handling systems

* Providing quality products and fast service to international companies

* Sustainable and stable production whose quality is determined with certificates

* Long-term reliable relationships with our customers and suppliers, who are our business partners

Our Mission is;

* To ensure absolute customer satisfaction with the technical solutions we offer.

* Having the ability to act fast while offering the best solution with the best service.

* To renew ourselves day by day for our customers  as a company that is open to innovations.

* To meet customer demands as promised and on time.

Our Vision is;

*To be able to become a national and international pioneer in technology and a company that can provide effective and fast solutions with its expert staff.

As leading production company in Mine Sector conveyor equipments (Conveyor Rollers, Drive Drums,…) we would like to establish a longlast business relationship with our customers. Enjoy your time looking at our products catalogue.

We would be appreciated to invite you to see our production plant.

Kind Regards